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Building to withstand Nature's forces
"Natural disasters are a dramatic example of people living in conflict with the environment. Acts of nature are not inherently catastrophic. Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods and the like are simply natural occurrences. They only become disasters when they conflict with people and property. Unfortunately, few parts of the U.S. are hazard-free. The Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA estimates that as much as 75 percent of the nation’s housing stock is susceptible to natural hazards. An estimated 10 million homes are at risk from flooding-25 million from wind hazards, and 2 million from coastal storm surges. About 50 million homes are in counties with significant earthquake risk. Some residents live in fear that the next severe storm could mean the end of normal life. Sustainable development offers a way out. Sustainable development means restricting new construction to building stronger homes that are more hazard-resistant. Sustainable development can help prevent acts of nature from becoming disasters. Disaster-prone communities must start to embrace sustainable development as a means to reduce their conflict with the environment. Building Disaster Resistant Communities, FEMA's nationwide initiative to make prevention the focus of emergency management in the United States." James Lee Witt, Director of FEMA.

The System.
Cavalvi´s Construction System "Techno" MEA, "Structural Assembling Modules", is product of over a decade of R&D, patent of invention granted in 1996, pending since 1983. It offers an affordable self-help building technique, no tools required, sustainable construction alternative. The design of this method 
of construction has taken very seriously into consideration the wind pressures capable of being developed by an F5 category storm of almost 0.5 TON per Square meter of wall area exposed.
No other systems but those of reinforced concrete can possibly withstand such pressure.
CAVALVI's Construction  System is based on structures made of engineered Aluminum-framed panels. These precision made aluminum-alloy panels, easy to assemble and install by hand, interlock together with the use of thermally treated aluminum connectors, and cast-in-site with reinforced concrete. Although regular and lightweight aggregate concrete can be used for the casting in site of these panels, fiber-reinforced cellular (aerated) concrete is recommended for its high compression resistance, lightweight and excellent thermal insulating properties of k = 5.4 BTU/hr/in/F. The Aluminum Pinned joints interlocking between concrete elements provide structures with the needed elasticity to dissipate seismic oscillations. Aluminum Panel Kit components  are customized to individual home projects and delivered ready for assembly and installation.

CAVALVI  is contributing to future development of Sustainable Communities and Preservation of 
Nature's resources. 
Our main objective is to make the most resistant and durable homes affordable to all ".

John Villegas I-Director,  Leonardo  Giordano-Manager

CAVALVI  Systems