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Concrete Homes
Wall Systems                   



" We shape our dwellings 
and afterwards our dwellings 
shape our lives." 
      Winston Churchill



Be safe at Home 
with any storm. 
Build it to cope 

Your Family is safe in a concrete Home !
Your home is 
your castle,
Build it once and for all to cope with 
Nature's wrath and other perils like devaluation with time

Concrete Wall Systems 
luminum Framed wall panels.  Cast-in-site Reinforced Concrete .    
Steel Tie beams anchored to foundations.

Build your homes with 
Sustainable Systems
Hard Facts:
During a Mayor Tornado hit, wind pressure loads can build up to over 1/2 TON per square meter (P>100PSF). Only reinforced concrete structures can withstand this pressure levels.
Portland Cement Association
Builders Choosing Concrete Walls for Hurricane and Tornado Resistance.
The most inherent danger to people and property during hurricanes and tornadoes is flying debris carried in high winds. In 250-mph winds, 2-x-4s can become missiles that cut right through building walls and endanger the people inside. Tests conducted by Texas Tech University offer builders and homeowners dramatic proof that 
concrete walls withstand flying debris from hurricanes and tornadoes and outperform their wood counterparts. Researchers tested 4 x 4-ft sections of concrete masonry, reinforced concrete, several types of insulating concrete forms, steel studs, and wood studs to rate performance in high winds. All the concrete wall systems survived the tests with no structural damage. Lightweight steel and wood stud walls, however, offered little or no resistance to the "missile": The 2-x-4 ripped through them. "The results of the tests were not surprising, but they were dramatic," says Donn Thompson, PCA’s residential technology program manager. "Concrete walls meet both the criteria needed to protect occupants in a severe storm: structural integrity and missile shielding ability." 
Take Shelter from the Storm! Protect your family. Start up by Building a concrete Safe Room shelter in your present  home. 
Later on  start planning to build a  concrete dream home for your family and  
think of doing it yourself !

Self-help Building Possibilities !
Build yourself  
a  custom made
"Dream home" 
To assembly the wall
panels is, 

Easy as putting together 
parts of a game of  Lego*

Self building Possibilities

Start from

In this Alternative 1 building program CAVALVI supplies the builder with elemental Aluminum profiles required for customize-cutting all panel  components and connectors
as well as detailed customized plans and step by step instructions for the construction project .
Tools required for this alternative:   12" circular saw.

Start from Panel assembly

In this alternative You start with :
Manufactured panel            
components ready           
to assembly and install.

Tools required:   No tools required 
to assemble and install panels.
Experience:    No experience required.

FAQ Can I startup by building a shed?
Yes, you can start by building a small
project such as a storage bin, porch, cabin,   car port, garage or house extension. 
CAVALVI supports small customized  projects too.

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