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Construction Systems

Construction systems based on Aluminum alloy concrete wall casting Panels.  
Concrete Hard-Core Housing.

High-Tech Construction Systems

“Sustainable development is a journey, 
and we must find the way to meet our needs,
without compromising the ability of future 
generations to meet their own.”

Environmental protection:
CAVALVI 's are environmental friendly building Systems 
since do not cause any living 
resource-depleting process. Instead it uses  
materials that originate from the most abundant 
minerals on the earth's crust.

A whole new concept of
Green Building Construction System
of real affordability.
Construction Systems   Beyond Year + 

Building system based on Aluminum Alloy-Castings for concrete walls concrete wall panels, poured in place, steel tie beams and columns and anchoring of roof structural steel bracing frame to foundation. Steel reinforced concrete structural components form studded frameworks designed to resist direct tornado hits, flexible enough to withstand a mayor earthquake and yet affordable to average income families.  
Building Costs.
In addition to providing environmentally green,
Hazard-safe homes of highly extended durability,
the building costs of a CAVALVI Home will be at least 50% less than
same size traditional wood construction home and 70 % less than traditional concrete home.
Building Panel kits prices range from 9 $/ft2  to 17 $/ft2  
+  S&H . You should submit a sketch of your home project to get an exact quotation of 
Wall Panel Kit, or total structure Kit value.
Cost being inversely proportional to 
Design Efficiency, defined as:
 Design Efficiency = Total Plan Area/Total Wall Area, 
number of  levels and  and Roof Type  selected. Hazard zoning.
In Tornado Alley States and costal areas, additional  reinforcement 
and anchoring of roof bracing frame to foundation with steel columns 
is recommended.
Total construction costs for a finished home range from 40  to 50 $/ft2.
Average full construction costs are estimated to be less than half (50%) the total costs of traditional wooden-frame houses. (Large savings: i.e. Total building costs for a 2500 ft2 home, are aproximately 100.000 $).

Building Systems                
Constructions  for Year+

Construction Materials used.
Aluminum, Steel and Concrete.

Why Aluminum?
When considering materials for structural applications, engineers 
and designers know that when they choose aluminum, 
they're getting a true non-corrosive Heavyweight.
Aluminum, with 1/3 the density of steel, has a proven record of carrying loads well in excess of its weight. Note these tough facts: Aluminum A pound of aluminum can replace twice the weight of steel in most applications. Aluminum For over 100 years, aluminum
has been the answer to tough design challenges as a weight and cost-saving construction alternative to wood and other materials. Its value is well known in many areas of construction, as well as in automotive, aviation, and marine applications, to name a few. In terms of both its positive economic and environmental impact, the aluminum industry remains one of our most significant national an international success stories.
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Why Steel reinforcements?

Steel reinforcements are traditional of good engineering practices to provide reinforced concrete with resistance to tensional loads. It is used in steel mesh inside all concrete foundations, wall  and roof panels, in steel tie beams, reinforcing and anchoring tubular columns.

Why Concrete wall fillings?

While metals are good in resisting tensions, While metals are good in resisting tensions, concrete is not. But concrete is the best filling material for resisting compression loads and wind pressure forces. Cellular concrete,  resists compressive forces, up to 2500 PSI, provides wall cores with additional insulating properties. K= 5.4 Btu/hr/in/F. and it is an excellent product to cast panels in site. See ICBO Unified Code 2000 for: ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA FOR FOAMED-CEMENT WALL SYSTEMS.

Reinforcing Fiber
Polymer fiber in 8-12 mm long is a reinforcing element in the structure of concrete. Improves all properties of concrete.
Foamed cellular concrete and polymer fibers are provided throughout the US 
Elastizell Corporation of America


             Means savings in materials,                               
             labor, time, mortgage and insurance.             
             and most important,                                      
             your property value will upraise with time!

CAVALVI is backed up by very large Aluminum processing industrial
infrastructure, CVG-Alcasa, Extrudal, Alcan, that provide CAVALVI
a certified production capability of 300 TON/DAY, sufficient aluminum
to produce components for 500 homes with CAVALVI's patented matrixes,
molds and procedures.
These hard Facts will soon make considerable impact on shortage 
of affordable housing availability.Contact us at:


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