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         See Assembly sequence animation         

                                 Cornersquares1.gif (21358 bytes)


Panel Assembly

A Start from Panel Assy. means you have acquired the "ready to assemble"  Kit  of panels and structural components customized to your home project. You start to assemble the panels as seen in the background of this page. Each component is precision manufactured to fit assemble.  A set of cad graphics and  instructions are provided for guidance. All you have to do is  follow simple instructions and enjoy the assembling game. 

To assemble an individual panel you start by gathering the 4 structural components flat on the floor, insert the 8  corner squares after placing the reinforcing mesh inside the panel, set screws and you are ready for the next panel. 

There are no possible mistakes.If it doesn't 
belong it doesn't fit, simple as that. 

There are some special panels that require a little 
more work, the  service panels and  window panels 
in which some extra components have to be fitted 
inside them.

Elect. service panels come specified and are fitted
with conduits, switch and power outlet  boxes. 

                             Powerservpanel.gif (32945 bytes)

This is a section of a standard side p-service 
panel showing section of steel tubular tie beams 
IPN roof structure and reinforced concrete roof 
filling material. Conduit pipes and boxes are 
embedded in concrete, showing for demonstration 
purposes only.



Window panels have to be fitted with window framings.
A example of a gable panel frame showing 
steel mesh cut to fit in a window frame before 
casting foamed concrete.
Panels can be shaped 
to accommodate all types of windows. 
Large windows can be shared by several panels.




Once the paawindowpanel.gif (37708 bytes)nels are assembled,
you are ready for the next step,
Installation. (c

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