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Start your building project from Cero.

Start from Scratch?.....Not really!....Start building panels!
When you "start from zero", CAVALVI 
provides you with the
materials to cut all
panel frame components. Frame 1 2.gif (70131 bytes)
What you  do is follow  instructions 
customize-cut  panel frame components
 for your
"dream home"         
or any other building project you're 
starting.comesincolors.gif (56341 bytes)
Starting from zero will save owner
20% in  Structural kit Costs  
Time required for this initial step of cutting 
panel components is never more than a one
day job with a 12 inch circular saw. 
Experience required: Wood cutting 
experience with  circular saws.
Tools required for this task:
1 Meter
1 Marker
1 Pair of goggles
1 12" Electric circular saw.
(for one or two days)
Instructions guide plans include lengths
and degrees of angular cuts for each 
panel component in the house structure.
This initial step "Starting from cero" 
will save investment money and will build 
you a very close relationship to your 
future home.
Next step:  Panel Assembling                      

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